DMS Students at Explore UT

Dailey Students at Explore UT

Dailey Middle School families and employees enjoyed an all-day tour of The University of Texas main campus on Saturday, March 4.  The group explored hundreds of exhibits that were of interest to all ages and located across the expansive 40 acre campus.  Visits included the College of Education, Cockrell School of Engineering, Petroleum and Geosystems, Jackson School of Geosciences, Welch Hall of Natural Sciences, School of Social Work, College of Fine Arts, the UT School of Law, Dell Medical, McCombs School of Business and many more!

The students enjoyed hands-on activities like: Fun with Fire and the Physics of Music, Frozen Chemistry: The Chilling Effect of Liquid Nitrogen (ice cream), Bats, Bees and Butterflies, Create Your Own Clouds in a Bottle, making Homemade Silly Putty, Physics Circus, Exploration of a Pig’s Heart, Fun with Optics, UT Austin’s Pumping Oil Well, The Art of Paper Weaving, tour of Bass Concert Hall, Social Work Wheel of Wonder and Play Therapy Stations (making stress balls).

Of course, one of the most enjoyed tour locations was the Student Union and Activity Center, where lunch and various vendors’ treats were enjoyed. Viewing the infamous UT Tower and the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium were other special notes of interest.  According to one student’s steps calculator, the group trekked over 3.3 miles, not including stairs!

To top off a long, but fulfilling day was the trial of the century at the John B. Connally Center for Justice, Eidman Courtroom:  Gold E. Lock Mock Trial.  Several of our students were selected to be jurors and bailiffs.  Star witnesses included, Mom A. Bear, Pop A. Bear, Babe E. Bear, the Big Bad Wolf and the Sheriff of Nottingham, Sherwood Forest.  The jurors unanimously voted Miss Gold E. Locks to be guilty as charged.  As is part of the process of law, a possible appeal is pending.

THANK YOU to the University of Texas for all the time and effort that went into providing this awesome experience for our students.  And, thank you to all of the students, counselors, teachers, interns and parents for dedicating their time to this college and career opportunity.