Staff of the Year

*Staff Recognition Written By Campus Principal.*

2016 – 2017

Anna Reynero – Child Development Center
The DVCDC Staff Member of the Year is Anna Reynero, a PPCD Teacher Assistant and webmaster. She works diligently to ensure students with special needs in her class are safe, loved, and learn academic and social skills to succeed! Anna is always smiling and laughing with students, co-workers, parents and staff. Anna’s dedication to children with special needs and the CDC school family is commendable! When the CDC needs something completed correctly, they call Anna!

Isabel Casas – Baty Elementary School
Baty’s Staff Member of the Year is Isabel Casas. Isabel is an extraordinary front office secretary that goes above and beyond with her many talents to support the school.  She provides a welcoming environment with her friendly demeanor and warm atmosphere. Her joy is infectious around the campus. She helps coordinate and decorate for community and school events to create an amazing and engaging atmosphere. Ms. Isabel Cases is an amazing parent, friend and secretary.

Prisma Medina– Creedmoor Elementary School
Prisma Medina makes it all look easy! In her one-year transition from receptionist to Principal’s Secretary, she has managed the learning curve with style and has positioned herself as the “go to” person for almost any task.  Everyone knows they can approach her with any question or request and she will go the extra mile to address their concern. Even though she is left-handed, she is the best “right hand” that anyone could ask for!

Jocelyn Walker – Del Valle Elementary School
Jocelyn Walker began her career with Del Valle Elementary eleven years ago as a substitute; five years later she joined the staff.  She has a true gift for working with students of all ages and with various needs, as a result teachers request her because she facilitates student success. She is cheerful, reliable, dedicated, and children gravitate to her because they feel her genuine love and concern.  With much pride, we honor Jocelyn Walker.

Yaneth Morrison – Gilbert Elementary School
Gilbert’s Staff Member of the Year is Yaneth Morison. She helps address concerns and finds ways to make things better at Gilbert.  Ms. Morrison continuously goes above and beyond by supporting LEAD, evening programs and providing assistance wherever it’s needed. Ms. Morrison’s flexibility has helped her transition into PPCD in which she brings her lighthearted ways to help brighten the day. We are so grateful for Ms. Morrison’s dedication and commitment to our Gilbert family.

Sherry Davenport – Hillcrest Elementary School
Staff of the year, Sherry Davenport, is Hillcrest’s tireless bundle of energy as she primarily works with the campus behavior program.  There is no job Sherry won’t volunteer to assist with-EVER!  She runs the cafeteria flawlessly and ensures children are safely in their vehicles every afternoon as well.  She makes sure student work is displayed efficiently and most definitely with PRIDE!  Sherry is simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (Admired, Motivated,  Appreciated, Zealous, Inspiring, Needed, Gregarious). Hillcrest loves Miss Sherry!

Gracie Martinez  – Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary School
Hornsby’s Staff Member of the Year is Gracie Martinez.  Gracie is welcoming to everyone, takes on any task, and has a gentle spirit.  She keeps us focused on all tasks–especially getting our purchase orders in on time.  Simply put, she is one of the sweetest people you will meet.  She takes care of us and is like a mother to us all.  Gracie, HDE appreciates everything you do to make their school a better place.

Brenda Williams – Popham Elementary School
Popham’s Staff Member of the Year is Brenda Williams, Head Custodian.  One of the first comments staff hear from Popham visitors is how wonderful the school looks.  Ms. Brenda is willing to lend a helping hand to anyone whether it be a student, parent, or staff member and is always thinking of others.  She has been part of the Popham family for an amazing 38 years!!   Ms. Brenda’s dedication and work ethic is an inspiration to us all!

Bobby Ortiz  – Smith Elementary School
The best lessons are not learned from a book, but from the hearts of amazing people like Bobbie Ortiz.  Bobbie fosters a compassionate environment that is at the very heart of all she does.  She shows integrity, strength, and courage to lead students down the right path and shows them how to be confident in their abilities and potentials to be the best they can be.  Thank you for all you do!

Ronnie White – Dailey Middle School
Mr. Ronnie White is Dailey’s Staff of the Year for reasons that easily speak for themselves. He does an impeccable job keeping the campus immaculate and makes a conscious effort to go above and beyond in ways no one else does. Mr. White’s positive attitude and courteousness radiates through our halls, easily making him one of the kindest people. He is considerate, with a big heart, and DMS is truly lucky he is a Timberwolf!

James Yancey – Del Valle Middle School
Del Valle Middle School’s staff member of the year is Mr. James Yancey. Mr. Yancey is a fan favorite amongst DVMS staff, students and parents. He has become a pillar of DVMS over the last 7 years while serving in a variety of roles including ISS monitor, behavior assistant and currently, security monitor.  His character leaves an impression on all that know him. DVMS is honored to celebrate Mr. Yancey.

Susanna Thornton – Ojeda Middle School
Ojeda’s Staff Member of the Year is Susanna Thornton, Behavior Specialist.  Susanna has made an incredibly positive campus-changing impact.  She maintains a kind demeanor in extremely challenging situations, listens to understand, observes to help provide ideas, facilitates SST’s and restorative conferences, and teaches campus staff mindfulness.  She is warm, empathetic, supportive, and extremely helpful. She is a role model for staff and students alike. Thank you Susanna for keeping Ojeda peaceful, positive, and purposeful!

Bea Garcia – Del Valle High School
Cheerful, kind, “go-to person”, are just some of the terms used to describe the DVHS Staff Member of the Year, Bea Garcia. Bea and the senior office team work hard to assure that every senior has a chance to walk the stage and receive his or her diploma.  With a positive attitude and a willingness to help students, teachers and parents communicate effectively; Bea stands out as a vital part of the school community.

Catherine Torres – Opportunity Center
Catherine Torres is the Opportunity Center’s Staff  Member of the Year because she is the smiling, positive, warm face who greets our visitors and assists our campus. Ms. Torres is always gracious, understanding, and helpful to every student, parent, staff and visitor at our school. Our community is lucky to have Catherine as one of our valued and inspirational staff members. Thank you Catherine for your service and dedication to our students and community.

Aide Sustaita – DAEP
Del Valle DAEP Staff Member of the Year is Aide Sustaita.  Students, parents, and teachers have been the beneficiaries of Aide’s many years of knowledge, experience and willingness to collaborate.  She’s the one parents can always turn to for advice, help and encouragement. Through her efforts, parents and students have been assisted with their urgent and basic needs.  Aide’s kindness and dedication is an inspiration to all of the DAEP staff.  Thank you, Aide!