Board Meeting Briefs for June 16, 2020


Consider and Act to Order Election to be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Board approved to order an election to be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 .

Election law requires that the Board of Trustees order an election prior to the election. Four Single Member Districts (SMD’s) are up for election:

  • Single Member District 1 for a 4 year term (2020-2024); currently held by Ann Hueberger
  • Single Member District 2 for a 4 year term (2020-2024); currently held by Damian Pantoja
  • Single Member District 4 for a 4 year term (2020-2024); currently held by Richard Rendon
  • Single Member District 6 for a 4 year term (2020-2024); currently held by Rebecca Birch

Travis County conducts our elections and their Early Voting places and times and Election Day precinct locations are used. By law, we should post with the Order all Early Voting and Election Day locations. Due to the fact that those have not been set by Travis County yet, the Travis County Elections website is listed on the order and last year’s November election polling places are attached to the order.


Consider and Act on Final Budget Amendments for 2019-2020

The Board approved the final budget amendments for 2019-2020.

The last month of our fiscal year ends on June 30, 2020. In order to accurately reflect expenditures and account for funds in the proper function, budget amounts have been reviewed to determine needed adjustments. The budget amendments presented accurately reflect departmental activities and revised revenue estimates for the General Fund, Food Service Fund and Debt Service Fund.


Consider and Act on Budgets for 2020-2021

The Board approved the adoption of budgets for 2020-2021.

The Board of Trustees must adopt budgets for the General Fund, Debt Service Fund, and Child Nutrition Fund annually. Texas law requires a school district to publish their proposed budget and tax rates, together with a summary of the proposed budget in a local newspaper and on the District’s website prior to a Public Hearing and Action during a Board Meeting. All requirements to publish the proposed budget and tax rate have been met.


Consider and Act on Fees for AG/CM Estimating Services for the Del Valle MS Replacement Project

The Board approved an the fees for AG/CM estimating services for the Del Valle MS replacement project.

As responsible stewards of DVISD’s bond funds and to provide the Board of Trustees with an ongoing third-party unbiased audit, administration is proposing to engage the services of AG/CM to monitor Del Valle Middle School construction costs that will be presented by the hired construction company, Bartlett Cocke.

This will provide administration with our own data points with respect to construction costs for this project. This is a common and well-respected practice among construction and planning departments across the state of Texas, and it will ensure that this project is delivered under budget, on time, and

with ethical practices.

The voters approved a total of $70,495,000.00 for the Del Valle MS replacement project. The cost of the estimating services listed below are within the scope of this budget.

A brief scope of work is listed below:

  • Furnish cost estimating/pricing for the subject project representing our interpretation of the full project scope.
  • Pricing will combine the use of both parametric and detailed quantity survey to calculate the cost of assemblies.
  • The design team and owner will have the opportunity to review the pricing and request a revision incorporating clarifications for misinterpretation of scope, omission of scope and/or formatting and clerical errors within the deliverable.
  • Evaluation and pricing for multiple scenarios, concepts and/or options are included.


100% Schematic Design Estimate $16,560

100% Design Development Estimate $20,980

50% Construction Document Estimate $26,300

95% Construction Document Estimate $30,860


Consider and Act on Easement Purchase Agreement and conveyance of a .626 acre Water Line Easement to the City of Austin at the intersection of State Highway 71 and Ross Road

The Board approved the Easement Purchase Agreement and conveyance of a .626 acre Water Line Easement to the City of Austin at the intersection of State Highway 71 and Ross Road.

Attorney Michelle Morris and DVISD’s administration have reviewed the following offer and documents and have determined that the City’s offer represents the fair market value of the easement, and that conveyance of the easement will not interfere with any future development plans for the property.

The City of Austin is seeking to acquire, by eminent domain if necessary, a 20-foot water line easement along the north boundary line of BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE DEL VALLE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT TRACT 3 (DOC. 2017176155) abutting State Highway 71 at the intersection of Ross Road.

The City has made a final offer to the District to purchase the easement for $19,695.00 and has provided an appraisal in support of the proposed purchase price.


Consider and Act on MUSCO Sports Lighting Costs to Replace Field Lighting at Veterans Memorial Stadium

The Board approved the MUSCO Sports Lighting costs to replace field lighting at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

This project is part of the DVISD 2019 Bond Referendum. In collaboration with DVISD’s Athletic staff, Construction and Planning staff, Maintenance and Operations staff, a comprehensive plan was developed. The team then engaged MUSCO Sports Lighting to define the scope of the project.

MUSCO Sports Lighting provided a proposal of cost for this project using their BuyBoard Contract #592-19.

A brief scope of work for this project is listed below:

  • Remove 4 existing stadium light poles. Existing pole bases will be re-used.
  • Provide and install 4 new MUSCO light poles, with LED lights, on existing pole bases.
  • Provide a fixture layout and aiming diagram.
  • Provide all labor and material for electrical service to new electrical panels and new light poles/fixtures.
  • Test, and aim new light fixtures for optimal light levels.
  • Provide continuous monitoring of light fixtures.
  • Provide product assurance and a warranty program that covers materials and onsite labor maintenance costs for 25 years.
  • Provide Training for DVISD staff upon completion of new installation.

The total cost is $320,000


 Consider and Act on Worthington Furniture Costs for District Wide Pre-K and Kindergarten Classroom Furniture Replacement

The Board approved the Worthington Furniture costs for district wide Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom furniture replacement.

This project is part of the DVISD 2019 Bond referendum.

The DVISD Construction and Planning team conducted meetings with participation by DVISD campus staff, and Worthington staff to craft a furniture package for prekindergarten and kindergarten classrooms district-wide. Multiple meetings were scheduled with Worthington Furniture to allow collaboration between DVISD principals, classroom instructors, and DVISD leadership. As a result of this process the furniture selections included in the proposed package will support teaching and learning for DVISD students and classroom instructors.

A breakdown of cost is listed below:

Worthington Furniture Costs $448,160.28

Lakeshore Learning Materials $ 20,468.70


Closed Session


The Board approved the action items that were discussed during Closed Session.


Consider and Act on a Mutual Release with an Administrator and Rescission of the Proposed Nonrenewal of his Term Contract as Part of a Reduction in Force

 The Board approved the release and resignation agreement presented in closed session and rescind its action taken on March 28, 2020, to propose the non-renewal of the term contract of Neil Bonavita.


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