Board Briefs for November 12, 2019


Recognition- Soaring Valor WWII Program

On September 25, a group of 41 Del Valle High School students joined 35 World War II Veterans for the Gary Sinise Foundation’s Soaring Valor Program. The group went to New Orleans for a special three day visit to the National WWII Museum. A send-off ceremony took place at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport before the group’s flight to New Orleans, featuring a performance from DVHS student Trey Washington.

The high school juniors and seniors selected for the trip were representatives from a variety of student organizations and clubs exemplifying leadership qualities. Each student was paired with a WWII veteran, providing an opportunity for the students to gain perspective and learn about the experiences of WWII on a personal level.

The WWII veterans were recognized for their honor and commitment to freedom.



Consider and Act on the Bond Reimbursing Resolution.

The Board approved the Bond Reimbursing Resolution.

A bond reimbursing resolution is an action taken by the school board that allows certain expenditures that will ultimately be paid upon the issuance of bonds to be paid for in advance of the sale and funding of the bonds by the General Fund. This allows Districts to get started with bond projects ahead of the sale of the bonds in order to become more efficient. Upon issuance of the bonds, the General Fund will be reimbursed for the costs it incurred.

In order to begin the process of purchasing technology items that will be implemented during this school year, the administration requested that the Board of Trustees approve the attached bond reimbursing resolution that will allow the District to begin to purchase approximately $4,500,000 of technology equipment.


Consider and Act on the Construction at Ojeda Middle School Cafeteria under emergency provisions of Board Policy CH (Legal) and CV (Legal) and Authorize Interim Superintendent to enter into contracts for this construction project.

The Board approved the Construction at Ojeda Middle School Cafeteria under emergency provisions of Board Policy CH (Legal) and CV (Legal) and Authorize Interim Superintendent to enter into contracts for this construction project.

In the September board meeting, the District received approval to reduce excess fund balance in the Child Nutrition Program under a Corrective Action Document. Included in this item was a project to repair the floor and walls in the Ojeda Middle School Kitchen as the floor was poured incorrectly and instead of water running into the drains, it runs into the walls which has caused deterioration of the dry wall. In the meantime, mold was identified in the wall and consequently needs to be remediated immediately.

The timeline for this project has been accelerated to begin in early November due to this additional finding, and failure to take immediate action will result in significant further damage, further remediation costs, and render the kitchen inoperable. In order to provide for the safety of district students and staff, the District is requesting that this project be considered an emergency under the provisions found in Board Policy CV (Legal) and CH (Legal). By treating this project as such, the Board would delegate to the Interim Superintendent, the authority contract for the replacement, construction, or repair of school equipment or facilities.

Initial estimated costs to complete this project should be approximately $950,000. Administration will provide progress reports and revised cost estimates on this project as it progresses. It is estimated that the project will be completed in January 2020.



Consider and Act on the Selection of Representative Member for Board of Directors of the Travis Central Appraisal District.

The Board approved Anthony Nguyen as the Representative Member for Board of Directors of the Travis Central Appraisal District

The Board of Directors serve for a two-year term starting January 1, 2020.


Consider and Act on Sanctions for Abandonment of Contract

The Board approved the submission of written complaint to SBEC for educator abandonment of contract.

On written complaint by the District, the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) may impose sanctions against an educator who is employed under a probationary contract, or under a continuing or term contract for the following school year, and who:

  1. Resigns;
  2. Fails without good cause to comply with the resignation deadline or the provision regarding resignation by consent; and
  3. Fails without good cause to perform the contract.

SBEC shall not pursue sanctions against an educator who is alleged to have abandoned his or her contract unless the Board:

  1. Submits a written complaint within 30 calendar days after the effective date of the educator’s separation from employment from the District.  Unless the District and the educator have a written agreement to the contrary, the effective date of separation from employment is the first day that, without District permission, the educator fails to appear for work under the contract.
  2. Renders a finding that good cause did not exist under Education Code 21.105(c)(2) (probationary contract), 21.160(c)(2) (continuing contract), or 21.210(c)(2) (term contract).  This finding constitutes prima facie evidence of the educator’s lack of good cause but is not a conclusive determination.
  3. Submits the following required attachments to the written complaint:
    1. The educator’s resignation letter, if any;
    2. The agreement with the educator regarding the effective date of separation from employment, if any;
    3. The educator’s contract; and
    4. Board meeting minutes indicating a finding of “no good cause.”  If the Board does not meet within 30 calendar days of the educator’s separation from employment, the minutes may be submitted within 10 calendar days after the next Board meeting.


Closed Session

The Board approved action items that were discussed during Closed Session.


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