Board Meeting Briefs for June 18, 2019


Recognition of Child Development Center Students for 1,000 Books before Kindergarten Challenge

The Del Valle Independent School District Child Development Center(CDC) participates in the national campaign, 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, because early literacy is such a vital component of future educational success. For every 50 books recorded, children receive a pencil or bookmark. When students have read 100 books, they receive a free book from the CDC. Three of the CDC students completed 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten. This accomplishment is a family affair and takes place on behalf of their parents as well.



Discuss and Possible Action to Name Interim Superintendent

 The Board named Dr. Annette Villerot as the acting superintendent effective June 19, 2019 and interim superintendent effective July 1, 2019.



Del Valle ISD School Health Advisory Council Board of Trustees Annual Report, School Year 2018-2019

Per TEC § 28.004, a school district’s School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) shall annually submit to the Board of Trustees a written report including any council recommendations concerning the school district’s health education curriculum and instruction or related matters.  The Education Code also states that the Council shall submit a detailed explanation of the council’s activities during the 12-month period preceding the report’s submission date.  The SHAC report for school year ’18-’19 consists of SHAC meeting minutes over the last 12 months and the SHAC Annual Report.



Travis County Sheriff Office Student Resource Officer Update

TCSO  SRO  staff provided  an  update  on  actions,  training,  and  support  provided  to DVISD.  The DVISD Board of Trustees  heard from the TCSO SROs and asked questions regarding the interactions between TCSO and DVISD.



Consider and Act on Del Valle High School Facility Modification

The Board approved the DVHS Facility Modification.

DVISD M&F staff worked with DVISD C&I staff, campus admin, and C&P staff to evaluate four spaces that could be converted into small group classrooms serving less than 20 students. After reviewing the proposed changes, the DVISD M&F staff can install walls in the four locations to provide additional classroom spaces.



Consider  and  Act  on  Renewal of  Equipment  Breakdown/Crime/Excess  Workers Compensation Insurance

The Board approved renewal  of Equipment  Breakdown  with  Liberty  Mutual,  Crime  with Traveler’s, and Excess Workers Compensation insurance with Safety National for 2019-2020.

Frost Insurance rebid all three coverages for Del Valle ISD and the following are the recommendations for the best value for the district: Equipment Breakdown: Previously equipment breakdown was folded into liability coverage with TASB.  Since TASB no longer includes it in their coverage, it was bid separately and determined that Liberty Mutual offers the best value for the district. The total ‘19-‘20 renewal premium for Equipment Breakdown is $7,404. Crime: The best value and lowest cost proposal for crime coverage was presented by the district’s current provider Travelers.  A three year fixed rate of $2,774 was submitted, which is only a slight increase from our previous 3 year fixed rate of $2,443. The total ‘19-‘20 renewal premium for Crime is $2,774. Excess Worker’s Compensation:  All three bids received for Excess Worker’s Compensation coverage came in with lower premiums than our current rate of $130,887. While STAR insurance offered the lowest premium, their AM Best rating of A-was only recently upgraded from B.  In addition, the smaller financial strength of the company combined with the lower rating presents concerns of possible bankruptcies in the future. Our current carrier, Safety National, offers better terms and a more stable environment. The new premium is $127,946 for a two year term. ($63,973 per year) The total ‘19-‘20 renewal premium for Excess Worker’s Compensation is $63,973.



Consider and Act on Final Budget Amendments for 2018-2019

The Board approved budget amendments for the 2018-2019 General  Fund, Food Service and Debt Service Fund as presented.

At the  end  of  our  fiscal  year,  budget  amounts  are  reviewed  to  determine  if adjustments  are  needed.  The  budget  amendments  presented  on  the  more accurately reflect departmental activities and revised revenue estimates. It  is  necessary  to  estimate  ‘high’  in  order  to  avoid  the  possibility  of  over-extending  a function. None of these funds are available for expenditure and fund balances are not updated until the district’s audit which will occur in October 2019.



Consider approval of a $3000 stipend for Educational Diagnosticians

The Board approved a $3,000 stipend to Educational Diagnosticians employed with Del Valle Independent School District.

During the 2018-19 school year the Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSPs) were awarded a $3,000 stipend as part of a district incentive to attract and retain these specialized  providers.  The  job  duties  of  the  Diagnostician  and  the  LSSP  are  very similar and there is a similar need to attract and retain individuals with this expertise. In addition, the district is  experiencing  a   significant   increase   in   requests   for evaluations  and  this  has  increased  caseloads  for  all  professionals  that  conduct evaluations. The state is moving Dyslexia evaluations into the domain of Special Education  and  these professionals  are  especially   well  versed  in  the  evaluation  of reading disorders.


Consider  approval  of  an  additional $3000  stipend for  those  individuals  who  are both SLPs (Speech Language Pathologists) and bilingual.

 The Board approved an additional $3,000 stipend to bilingual Speech Language Pathologists employed with Del Valle Independent School District.

The  district  has  been  challenged  for  years  to  locate  and  hire  qualified  bilingual speech   language   pathologists to   serve   our   students   who   have   speech/language disorders  and  are  also  bilingual. To  avoid  having  to  pay  large  sums  to  contract personnel  and  to  keep  competitive  with  the area market  and local school  districts these  additional  funds  are  needed to  attract  and  retain this  highly  specialized employee group.



Consider and Act on Del Valle ISD Budgets for 2019-2020

 The Board approved the proposed 2019-2020 General Fund budget of $118,684,258, Debt Service Fund budget of $18,368,250 and Food Service Fund budget of $9,727,497.

The Board of Trustees must adopt budgets for the General Fund, Food Service Fund, and Debt  Service  Fund. The  proposed  General  fund  budget  includes  the  administrative recommendations for above allocations, staffing, and employee raises for a total budget of $118,684,258. The  estimated  M&O  tax  rate  required  to  fund  the  general  fund  budget is $0.97, rate change due to HB3. The Debt Service fund budget totals $18,368,250. The I&S tax rate required to fund the debt service budget is estimated at $0.35, same rate as previous year. The Food Service fund budget totals $9,727,497.The Food Service fund budget is a self-supporting fund in that federal revenues generated by the program pay for all the services.



Consider and Act on Employment of Ojeda Middle School Interim Principal

 The Board approved Dr. Alex Torrez as the Ojeda Middle School Interim Principal.



Closed Session

The Board approved action items that were discussed during Closed Session.



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