Special Board Meeting – June 4, 2019


Consider and Act on Proposed Maximum Tax Rate to be Published in Truth in Taxation Notice

The Board approved publishing the proposed maintenance and operations maximum tax rate of $0.97 and interest and sinking maximum tax rate of $.35 for a total maximum rate of $1.32.

 The Texas Association of School Boards legal staff recommends that the Board take a vote on the maximum proposed tax rate that will be published in the required Truth-in-Taxation public notice. At this time, a maximum maintenance and operations tax rate (M&O) of $0.97, and a maximum interest and sinking fund tax rate (I&S) of $.35, for a total maximum tax rate of $1.32 is recommended. $0.97 is the compression rate for DVISD plus 4 cents that is mandated under the new HB 3 law. The  Truth-in-Taxation  notice  must  contain  the  highest  possible  tax  rate  that  could  be adopted by the Board and it must be published at least 10 days before the Board adopts next year’s budget to allow for public input. The Board does not vote to adopt the tax rate until September 2019, after final certified values are received.  Tax rates are based on an estimated freeze-adjusted taxable value estimate of $6,857,725,008 which the district received on April 23, 2019


Consider and Act on Maintenance and Technology Projects from Excess Bond Funds

The Board approved the projects presented to be funded with excess bond funds.

 DVISD M&F and Technology Departments requested the approval to use old bond funds to complete projects that can be purchased/completed over the summer break. During the February Board Budget Workshop, DVISD presented items to members of the Board that are under consideration for funding from old bond funds in order to preserve district General  Funds  for  other  uses.  DVISD  staff  also  reviewed  the technology needs of the district and submitted additional items for consideration. The total amount requested  is $893,576.68. A list of projects is listed below along with supplemental information.

Proposed Projects from Old Bond Funds                          Amount                   Purpose

VMware Upgrade                                                            $255,828.08            Upgrade Virtual Machine Environment

Computer Science Lab                                                   $  37,068.60            Additional computer laptops

Ojeda Sound System Replacement                               $  12,766.00            Cafe Sound System

Identity Service Engine (ISE) Server/Software               $  73,833.00            Network Control

Annual Maintenance Services for Athletic Facilities       $180,000.00            Provides funding for end of life replacements & services for                                                                                                                                                      capital items

Polished Concrete Replacement of Ageing Carpet         $ 61,000.00            Polished concrete at Hillcrest & Creedmoor Pod Areas

Parking Lot Reseal, Repair, & Restripe                           $ 62,000.00             Del Valle HS Rotation Year for Parking Lot Service

Interior painting and repairs                                             $ 90,000.00            Interior painting and repairs at Popham and Creedmoor

Band & Choir Risers/Chairs/Stands                                $ 41,081.00             Provides funding for band & choir risers, chairs, and stands for performances

Playground replacement                                                  $ 80,000.00            Amount for the Baty ES small playground is pending grant update.

TOTAL                                                                            $893,576.68


2019 Bond Committee Update

The 2019 Bond Committee members had five meetings to discuss potential projects to propose to the DVISD Board of Trustees. The co-chairs of the Bond Committee provided members of the DVISD Board of Trustees an update on the Committee’s progress.


Closed Session

There were no items requiring action.


Board Meeting videos are available online at http://delvalleisdtx.swagit.com/board-meetings/