Board Meeting Briefs – December 18, 2018


Commendation of Past Board Members

Board President Rebecca Birch recognized David Campos for his commitment and service to the district.  David Campos served as a trustee for a year while representing District 5.



Elected Trustees Take Oath of Office and Assume Positions

The following trustees took the Oath of Office: Charles W. Diggs, Jr, Desiree Ybarra, Susanna Woody, Darla Wegner, Elvia Guadian.



Recognition of School Board – Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 2018 History Maker Award

The Beta Psi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority selected DVISD as the recipient of the 2018 History Maker Award. This award honors businesses, community members, educational organizations and others whose contributions change the course of history or bring about significant awareness of the rich history of the communities in which we live and work.



Recognition of National Sodexo Award – Del Valle Child Nutrition Staff

Del Valle ISD Child Nutrition Team  was recognized by Schools Sodexo Experience  as National  award recipient for October 2018. On Monday, October 22 at 6:00 am, Child Nutrition found out they would have to boil water for hand-washing, cooking and washing produce. Not only did they have to follow the boil water directive in the kitchens, students could not drink water from water fountains or other water sources in the schools. Management immediately set plans in motion. The master distributor was called to get a truckload of bottled water and gallons of water sent to the district. The team also arranged to have more water added to orders for the next day and the rest of the week. Managers in all kitchens assessed menus and made adjustments, using processed vegetables when they could, using fruit cups, canned fruits and vegetables, and avoided any fruit with peels that needed washing. They also had to avoid using steamers to cook foods. Everyone worked hard to make sure the team provided the safest food to all the students and staff of DVISD. When bottles of water came in, the staff handed water to each student during their lunch time to ensure they had drinking water available. The boil water directive lasted for 8 days and the team did a wonderful job of ensuring that food was prepared and served safely and that everyone followed hand-washing procedures.


Election of Board Officers

Rebecca Birch was elected Board President, Ann Heuberger was elected Vice President and Elvia Guadian was elected Secretary.


Consider and Act on Del Valle Literacy Project Proposal

The Board approved the Del Valle Literacy Project Proposal.   Dr. Annette Villerot and Ray Prentice asked the Board to consider and act on the Del Valle Literacy Project Proposal

The comprehensive district needs assessment, STAAR data, Renaissance universal screening data, and stakeholder feedback identified that DVISD is in need of bilingual interventionists to intervene with bilingual students who may or may not have dyslexia and who struggle learning to read, despite classroom instruction. Despite every elementary school having bilingual students in need of urgent intervention, DVISD currently only has 3 schools with a certified bilingual interventionist. This year, in a pilot with Literacy First, one bilingual teaching assistance was trained to work with the interventionist teacher to provide a specialized reading intervention to bilingual students. In order to increase the district’s ability to provide interventions, as well as work to fulfill the district’s mission of an aligned literacy plan and culturally responsive teaching in the area of English Language Learners,  the district recommended converting the five positions allocated for teacher growth into 18 bilingual literacy teaching assistants-two per elementary campus. This will allow every elementary campus to have the much needed staff that can support the literacy intervention needs of our elementary bilingual students.



Superintendent’s Report

  1. Budget Update – Budget Timeline

Dr. Celina Bley provided the Board with a budget update.  The district has officially started the budget process for the 2019-

2020 school year.  Please note the date of our annual Board Budget workshop is set for Saturday, February 23, 2019. During the workshop we will

discuss the following:

  • Enrollment
  • District Programs
  • Above Allocation Requests
  • Employee Compensation
  • Employee Benefits


The district will also review Board budget priorities at this meeting, which help guide staff during the budgeting process.



  1. Education Partners Update

Jonathan Harris and Shannon Rideout  provided an update on Education Partners addressing partnerships, recruitment, fundraising, educational grants and scholarships will be presented.




Consider and Act on Request For Qualifications for Bond Planning Services

The Board approved the Request For Qualifications for Bond Planning Services .

Bill Myers asked the Board to consider and act on Request For Qualifications for Bond Planning Services.

In order to be prepared to move forward with future bond planning for any facility and large maintenance additions or replacements for DVISD, the Board will need to select and retain an architectural firm to guide the process. In accordance with Board Policy, the district shall select professional services of a most highly qualified architect on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualifications, and negotiate a contract with that provider at a fair and reasonable price. The District may not use a competitive bid (using pricing) as a method to select professional services.

Therefore, the district requested to utilize a “Request for Qualifications” (RFQ) process to evaluate a number of architectural firms. The RFQ process includes submission of qualifications from firms, in notebook binder format and electronic format, of their experience, reputation, personnel, and financial strength. The District forms a committee of staff and Board member(s) to evaluate the submission materials and rank them as to their qualifications.

The district recommended that the Board President designate three Board Members as members of the evaluation, ranking and selection committee for a three Phase format. For Phase 1 the committee will grade and select 6 firms to move to Phase 2. For Phase 2 the committee will interview and select those to move to Phase 3. Phase 3 will be brought to the board for approval ranked 1 thru 6.



Closed Session

The Board approved action items that were discussed during Closed Session.

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