On Saturday Jan. 7, 2017 Adonis Birch Franklin competed and qualified to go the National Catholic Forensic League (NCFL) Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. He won the Original Oratory Competition at the 15 annual Austin NCFL Tournament and earned the right to compete at NCFL Nationals.

NCFL Nationals is the second largest high school speech and debate tournament held in the United States.  Over 5,000 students each year compete in 12 different events.

Mr. Franklin an avid golfer and speaker combined his two talents to advance in Original Oratory.  His speech is a ten minute speech entitled, “Driving Down The Fairway of Life.”  It is something that we all do but is it something we can all do better, much better.  With wit, facts, and charm, Franklin will show a national panel of judges that having a sub par day is just fine and that playing golf may be just the entrance one needs to be successful in politics.

Franklin will next tee it up over the Memorial Day holiday when he hopes to drive down the fairway in life bring home some trophies. Congrats Adonis and good luck!


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